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Tips from Teachers: Starting the new school year off on the right foot!

Now that we are a week into the new school year and students have figured out the basics (how to get into their locker, where their homeroom is, and the quickest way to the cafeteria at lunchtime), it’s a great time to think about ways to make the new year a successful one. A new school year is a great time for a fresh approach to attitudes about school work or even interacting with others.
Organization is key! For some students, the range of courses, teachers, and expectations in high school can be overwhelming. Staying organized with a planner is key to keeping track of projects and due dates. Using a paper calendar can be helpful, as the act of writing something down actually helps you remember what you wrote! For others, transferring assignments to an online calendar is helpful since you can set reminders to alert you when a due date is approaching.
Be the kind kid Whether it’s the simple act of saying hello as you pass people in the halls, inviting someone to sit with you in the…
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What does it mean when a school is a sponsored ministry? (and why that’s so special)

When schools or other organizations (ministries) are sponsored by a religious order, they carry out the mission and good work of that order. Often the order provides the ministry with some level of financial support, staff members, and other operational support, and guides the mission and values of the ministry. As a sponsored ministry of the Felician Sisters, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School carries out the mission of the Felician Sisters of North America. Sisters live on the school’s campus and their Chapel is a shared space. There are many benefits of being a sponsored ministry of the Felician Sisters; howeverr several rise to the top.

The opportunity to interact with some really amazing women.
A staple of the OLSH Open House experience is a greeting from Sr. M. Alexander Klawinski. The petite octogenarian (and honorary OLSH alumna) can be found near the registration table or with the business office staff (she served on the Finance Committee of the OLSH Board until recently…